DIY Plumbing Repairs VS Professional Plumbing Repairs

When something goes wrong with the plumbing in our home it can feel nothing short of disastrous. We rely on our home’s plumbing every day, so if it stops working we want to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Sometimes you may think the fastest route to sorting what’s gone wrong is to attempt the repair yourself. And sometimes, it will be. Depending on your experience and what the problem is, you can try to carry out some basic plumbing repairs to your home, but other times, this can risk further damage and expense, and it’s best to hire a professional plumber.  

Differences between DIY and Professional plumbing repairs


Cost is often the main thing on a person’s mind when a plumbing problem strikes in their home. If the issue is something fairly simple like an easily accessible part in your toilet cistern breaking, you may be able to source the part from your local DIY store and replace it yourself. This will be undoubtedly cheaper than calling out a plumber to do the work. On the other hand, if you attempt a more complex repair and it goes wrong, it could cost you more to call a plumber than if you had done originally, due to further damage caused.


A plumber has experience and knowledge of a full range of plumbing issues and is therefore able to resolve them quickly. Most people agree that calling a plumber to tackle issues that arise in the home is far more convenient than getting their hands dirty and not necessarily being able to solve the problem anyway!


It may seem quicker to tackle plumbing problems yourself because it saves time in waiting for a plumber to arrive or for them to identify the issue and source replacement parts. This is true if they are particularly busy or you have time to carry out the repair yourself immediately. It’s worth factoring in, though, time you’ll have to spend shopping for parts and how long the repair would take you to do versus how quick an experienced plumber will be able to do it. 


We all have our strengths, and while it’s sometimes worth attempting a basic plumbing repair yourself, do think about the level of work you’re capable of doing, versus the quality a professional plumber will bring. While you may be able to temporarily patch something up, is it worth it if it needs addressing again a few months later? Or is it better to let a professional plumber fix it properly once and for all?

Professional plumbing repairs in Northumberland and beyond

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