5 Common Plumbing Problems

The plumbing in our homes is an integral part of what makes our lives comfortable and convenient. We often only realise its value when something goes wrong! If your home experiences a problem with its plumbing, you’ll want to get it sorted as quickly as possible, but even identifying where to start isn’t always easy.

In the following post we explain 5 common plumbing problems experienced by homeowners, and how to get them sorted as quickly as possible.  

What are the most common plumbing problems?

Leaking taps or showers

Over time components in your taps or shower can loosen or wear away, causing leaks or drips. These can range from a minor annoyance to a major problem, depending on the size of the leak. Even when it’s just a drip you will need to get it sorted, as it will worsen over time and a regular drip - no matter how small - will end up causing a hike in your water bill.

You can try tightening the tap or shower yourself, but sometimes a new part may be required or the problem might need the attention of a professional plumber for it to be properly resolved.

Frozen or burst pipes

If a pipe bursts the damage to your home can be catastrophic and you’ll obviously need to call a plumber out right away. Sometimes in winter pipes freeze but don’t burst, but they stop your boiler from working. With some pipes, you can deal with this yourself, by thawing out the pipe through pouring warm water over it until it defrosts. Other times you’ll need to call in the professionals. 

To prevent your pipes from freezing you can install foam lagging around them for insulation, or leave your heating on low even when out to stop the temperature in the pipes dropping to freezing point. 

Blocked shower or bath drain

A blocked shower or bath drain is a real annoyance but extremely common. It’s easy for hair and other debris to get trapped where the water runs down and prevent your bath or shower from draining properly. The best way to tackle this is with prevention, by using a simple plug drainer to catch hair and other things that can block drains. If it is a small blockage, you may be able to deal with it yourself with a plunger, but if this doesn’t work a plumber can quickly resolve the issue.

Broken toilet

Toilets have lots of different parts to them which unfortunately means lots of things can go wrong! However, they’re usually simple enough to fix, either through a plumber or by replacing simple parts yourself. Problems with your toilet can include a broken flush, the cistern not refilling and leaks coming from the base.

Low water pressure

While low water pressure is a common problem, it’s not usually possible to solve it without professional help. That’s because lots of things can cause low water pressure: from plumbing blockages to water leaks. Once you’ve called out a trusted plumber, they can work quickly to identify the issue and explain how they can solve it. 

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